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FetLife chat is a free dating service that will help you meet others who have a similar interest. There is also an app available for iPhone and Android users. The site has a plethora of features that make the experience both convenient and enjoyable. In addition to chatting, you can view profiles, exchange messages and post your own photos and videos.

As with other online dating sites, you may find that there are plenty of self-described arseholes and attention seekers. However, the site’s safety measures and anti-scam features make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. You can even send free private messages to other users. Additionally, if you are a member of the chat group, you may receive an occasional nudge to join in on the fun.

The main site is based in North Vancouver, Canada and has a branch in Nicosia, Cyprus. Members can come from a variety of countries, although the majority are located in the United States. Currently, there are about 7.8 million members.

When it comes to features, FetLife has a few things for every type of person. Whether you’re interested in kink exploration or a more casual relationship, there is something on the site for you. During the sign-up process, you will need to answer a series of questions in order to create a profile. Once you have your details set, you can start chatting and browsing other profiles. If you are looking for a more serious connection, you can opt to browse through profiles of other members who are in your age range and area of residence.

You can get involved in events, too. These are designed to match your interests and can range from a dress code to a cost. For instance, you could plan to attend a night of fetish-oriented entertainment at a local club. Alternatively, you could sign up to participate in a “tasting” of a certain kind of liquor.

The site is simple to navigate. Unlike other sites, you don’t have to use an avatar to access certain functions. Likewise, you can choose to make your profile public or keep it a secret. You can also set your location to be hidden from your contacts.

You can browse through a trove of content, including erotica, pictures, and videos. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to view the contents of your friend’s photo album if you are a financial supporter.

Other than the obvious, you may want to consider using a different dating service. While FetLife is a great place to explore kinks and other forms of naughty pleasures, you should avoid the site altogether if you’re looking for a real-life mate. Having said that, it might be worth checking out the site, especially if you’re an avid kink enthusiast. Getting started is simple and free. Plus, you’ll have access to a plethora of communication tools, which is ideal if you’re a busy kinkster on the go.

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