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How To Deteminate Your Fetish

Most people either think they don’t have fetishes, or dream about smth innocent like sex in water. While there is a big range of turn-ons in everyone’s mind, and we can start exploring them

When you’re a beginner in sex-positive lifestyle, avoid the darkest kinks but get acquainted with the lighter ones. Piggy play, power exchange, or ice cubes fetish can be practiced by anyone. 

How To Determinate If You Have Fetish

While dollification, diapers fetish, and crying kink are very specific, they are individual turn-ons. When wondering, how to know if you have a fetish, at least read about existing ones.

So, you want to know if you have a sex fetish. Good for you for asking the question. The first step is learning what it is. Once you know what it is, you can determine if you have it and if so, what type of fetish it is. You can also use your knowledge to figure out if someone else in your life has a same fetish or not.

Fetish Test
Fetish Talk

To know if you have a sex fetish, you will need to identify it. A common term used to describe this would be “koinky hookup finder”. A kinky hookup is when you have sex with someone you don’t necessarily know that well.

For example, if you work with the same guy every day at work and he treats you very well, but never asks you out on a date, then you could say that you have a sex hookup finder fetish. People who have this kind of fetish tend to be attracted to people like themselves, which explains why they are attracted to the people they hook up with.

Identify People Who Have Fetish

Next you will want to figure out if you have fetishes. The internet is a great resource for this. If you do go out with someone and they ask you about something personal, such as religion or politics, then you may feel obligated to talk about it.

Kinks Video Tutorial

However, just saying something like “Hey, if you want to” isn’t enough. A more specific request for sex (i.e. something you want or would like) is needed in order for it to be considered as real.

Trying Different Kinks
Trying Fetlife Kinks

Another question you should ask yourself when trying to determine if you have a kinky hookup fetish is, “Do I think that this person wants to have sex with me on Fetlife?”. When you answer this question honestly, you will have a better idea of whether or not you have a fetish.

If yes, then you can proceed forward with the next steps. If no, then you need to re-evaluate your feelings about the person and whether or not you think they would make a good partner in the long run.

Try To Hookup With Them Who Have Fetishes Too

Finally, ask yourself how you feel about your situation. Are you OK with the sex you are having? This is very important because people can give mixed signals about whether or not they are interested in having sex with you.

Some people say they are not into having sex, while others say the sex is good and really turns them on. If you are not OK with the amount of sex you are having, then there may not be a good future with this person.

Woman Dreaming About Her Fetishes
Fetish Dreams

If you don’t feel any more than OK when it comes to sex and someone asks you how you feel about being intimate, you don’t need to share that information with anyone else. If you have never had sex and someone asks you how you feel about it, simply answer “I don’t know” and move on.

However, if you find yourself very aroused when you are with someone that you barely know, you should share the information with them. If you are unsure how to know if you have a fetish, you are perfectly within your rights to be self-doubtful, but you should make sure that you do not let it get out of hand.

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