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What Is Fetlife

FetLife is a social network for kinksters, as it positions itself. Despite being so progressive, it has been launched back in 2007, initially under the name FriendsWithFetishes. It remains very intriguing. 

Its list of 12 genders and 60 kinks was revolutionary in 2000s, but can be considered non-sufficient now in 2020s. There is a non-applicable gender option though that replaces other ones. 

Fetish Dating Service

The team cares to exclude dark kink communities and leave only fun ones. To know what is FetLife, you should really try yourself as it provides the naughtiest hookups and friendships with benefits.

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Nice Escort Service

What is FetLife? According to its official website, “Fetlife is a unique online dating site that connects kinky dating singles” (emphasis on the “kink”). In addition, it is “unique” because it is “not like other dating sites”. It is an online dating site devoted exclusively to the interests of the kinky dating community. It also explicitly states that it is free to join, although the fee may be refunded at any time.

Also on the homepage, FetLife explains itself as “like Facebook, except run by kinky fetishists like yourself.” The word fetish itself is a clever way to describe a free dating site.

Fetish Finder Online

Because it is free to join, many people are attracted to the idea of being able to meet people without spending a dime. But, just like with MySpace and Facebook, there are dangers to this type of free social network.

Useful Fetlife Tips

First, since it’s free, there are a lot of people who have nothing to do and take up in online socializing on the site for no reason at all. They have no qualms about using fetishes, words, or photos of sexual themes, and they don’t care that their fetishes and words could one day land them in jail.

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Cute Fetlife Sexy

This is just one of the problems with free online social networks. The point of these online social networks was to connect people and give them a chance to get to know one another without the stress of having to put money on a phone bill or meeting in person hundreds of times per month.

Fetish Types

What is FetLife doing to reverse this process? It starts you out with a free account (with no fees to upgrade or sign up), allows you to use the site as you would expect, then starts charging you.

In fact, when you look at the first tab of your profile quality, you’ll see that there are icons next to each fetish and “kinks” that can cost you some money.

Fetish Women Types

These kinks include: special kinky requests (meaning requests involving erotic items such as handcuffs or small scented candles), fantasy play (meaning your life as a different gender or playing a character from the opposite gender for fun), and non-white lovers (meaning you’re not a white person looking for a black or Asian person). As you can see, there are plenty of “kinks” to choose from!

Now, because of what is on the first tab of the profile quality, you have to search through this list and click on things that you think you might be a “natural fit” for.

Is Normall To Have Fetish

The problem is that there are many things that could be considered kinky or fetish, which means you’ll be surrounded by people with the same interest, if not exactly the same “perverted” interests as you.

It can be frustrating to try to find your niche, especially if you want to meet people for hookups. Fortunately, You’re free to search for “porn star” or “bondage queen” – two of the most popular kinky topics in adult dating!

Fetish Women Norms
Fetish Norms

While the free version of the app may be fine for some, many users find the commercial version much better. This version allows you to search through the paid options that you can access when you become a paying member.

You can find profiles that match your preferences such as kinky people seeking people who share the same fetish, mature couples looking for hookups, or even those who like to role play or actually act out! The free version will allow you to do these searches, but they aren’t necessarily what you’ll want to focus on.

If you’re looking for a kinky personals site that isn’t solely about dating but includes a huge community of people looking for kinky relationships as well, You’re free to use FetLife. Because this is still a kinky dating site, it contains profiles that are catered towards fetishes that are kinky.

Kinky Hookup On Fetlife

That means you can expect to see profiles that display fetishes such as sadists, dominant/submissive, and others that have nothing to do with fetishes of the “real world”. The main drawback is that it only includes profiles of those who are looking to get into kinky relationships – which it obviously doesn’t include!

Safe Fetlife Hookup
Quick Safe Hookup

Regardless of whether you want to find someone to date, have fun online, or even engage in a dirty session, FetLife may find your needs. There are plenty of benefits to using the free version of the site, however you should always pay close attention to how your information is used by the site.

People may find your profile attractive because they are curious about kinks and fetishes you have. Using the paid services, you can ensure that no one has access to your information without your authorization first.

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  1. However, there are some disadvantages to using online dating sites.

  2. First of all, if you use free ones you will likely have to share your phone number with everyone you contact.

  3. However, many of these sites provide an instant messaging system so that you can get around this issue.

  4. In fact, many of these chat systems also have voice chat so that you can have a personal conversation at a later time.

  5. The disadvantage to using free services is that there is no guarantee that other singles will reply to your messages.

  6. You will have better luck on hookup women online if you use either a paid service or a paid chat room.

  7. Paid sites usually provide better quality singles and larger databases of singles.

  8. Paying a monthly subscription makes it easier to locate singles near you.

  9. Free casual dating sites tend to be more localized and do not provide the same search options as paid sites.

  10. Plus, you probably will not have as many singles near you.

  11. If you are considering having a casual fling, then you might want to think about using a hookup dating site.

  12. Even though it may seem like a bad idea, you will find that most people do have at least one sex companion in their lifetime.

  13. There are many adult dating sites that cater specifically to singles that are interested in sex, relationships, and sex life advice.

  14. You can access these sites and start meeting women that you could have a serious relationship with if you take your time and avoid the impulse to instant chat.

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